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Butterfield Gardens Ground Cover

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We found that with watering booms we could save alot

of the water, fertilizer and acid costs.

This is another house we put up in the fall of 2006 and

the spring of 2007. We bought these at an auction.

We recycle everything we can.

This is a Conley cold house. We put up 6 of these.
We found it to hard to work in gravel,dirt and mud.
Once we started laying concrete we found it hard to stop.

This is the begining of a 21,600 square foot retractable

roof greenhouse.

We found that in spring we can harden our plants

really well in this structure.

We also like the open space of the high roof and the

shade in the summer.

We decide to put watering booms in this structure.

It takes 5 rail mounted booms but in this location

we found it was saving us 50% in water, fertilizer and acid.

This is a shot of most of the structures at this facility.

The Best Place In Utah To Buy Groundcover

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Ajuga is a good ground cover for part shade to full sun.

Phlox is a good ground cover for part shade to full sun. Looks great flowing over a rock wall.

Sedum is a good ground cover for full sun and is drought tolerant. It also works great on Green Roofs.